WINX LINK Simple Type C to Lenovo Charging Cables


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With the WINX LINK Simple Type-C to Lenovo Charging Cable you can power your notebook with a 100W Type-C adapter or power bank to stay powered on the go without hassle. Thanks to its built-in E-mark intelligence chip, the LINK Simple Type-C to Lenovo Charging Cable automatically adjusts current for optimal charging allowing you to power your legacy notebook with Type-C technology.

• The Type-C compatible wall charger or power bank connected must have the same or higher wattage than the original power supply of your notebook. Compatible power banks include the WINX GO Ultra 20000mAh 100W PD Power Bank.


  • Charge your Lenovo notebook with a compatible Type-C power bank or wall adapter
  • Charge legacy notebooks with the latest Type-C technology
  • Compatible with most Lenovo notebooks
  • Supports up to 100W of power


  • Input: Type-C
  • Output: Lenovo Charging Port*
  • Tip Compatibility:
    • Lenovo/IBM 7.9×5.5mm Charging Port
    • Lenovo 4.0×1.7mm Charging Port
    • Lenovo Square-Pin Charging Port
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Supported voltage: 20V-5A (100W – E-mark)
  • Colour: Black


  • WINX LINK Simple Type-C to Lenovo Charging Cable x3

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