Keychron Gateron Switch Opener – Black


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The Keychron Gateron Switch Opener is an ingeniously designed tool that enables users to quickly and easily take apart switches. With the switch opener, disassembling a switch is a simple and time-efficient task – users can expect to have the switch apart in moments, a fraction of the time it would usually take. This unique tool is suited to a variety of purposes and provides an invaluable service that facilitates quick and easy switch disassembly.

Are you tired of struggling to open switches with your fingers? Have you experienced soreness and frustration when manipulating delicate mechanical switches? Look no further. This amazing device allows you to open switches easily and quickly, using the power of leverage. Your fingers will be spared from unnecessary aches and fatigue – plus, it’s so compact, you can take it with you anywhere! Make switches easy to access with the Keychron Gateron Switch Opener – it’ll change the way you use your devices!

Note: The Keychron Gateron Switch Opener is compatible with MX switches and clones. It cannot be used to open Kailh Box Switches and any low-profile switches.


  • Study Aluminium Construction
  • Switch Top-Latch Damage Prevention Design
  • Compatible with MX style switches only
  • Convenient switch disassembly
  • Easy to use


  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Switch Support: MX
  • Colour: Black


  • Keychron Gateron Switch Opener – Black x1

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